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Service tenet:

   User-centric services as a fundamental.
  "User-centric, service as a fundamental" is our service purpose. While building a marketing network, we will actively promote the construction of the customer service network. Annual pull out huge sums of money as a service dedicated funding, strict implementation of the provisions of the National Warranty, service commitment and provide users with higher than the national Three Guarantees, and continuously improve the quality of service, so that each consumer to buy the rest assured, the use of the Heart .

Service concept:

   Asked will be complex, v. Bing, service user, liberally quickly.
  Asked will be complex, v. Bing service user, liberally quickly. "We have been asking for the service department and repair outlets, our strict management and continuous improvement to create excellent service team. And on this basis to provide you with a "high quality, rapid, and satisfaction.

Service objectives:

  "You can think of, we have done." This is our own expectations and efforts to target, we do not do our best to perfect our goal is to lift all your worries, when you find the problem we allow you a satisfactory solution has been placed in front of you.


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